Christopher Cote*
Design + Art Direction
Portland, Oregon  
45.5152° N
122.6784° W

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Handbound Booklet
(6.5” x 9”/Student Work/2023)

Exploring the aesthetics of social acceleration through research synthesis, found image curation, and experimental editorial design.

People Used To Dream About The Future*

Ident “Bump” Video
(4:3/Personal Work/2023)

My take on early 2000’s televison station identification shorts using found footage and vector elements.

Angelic Index*

3D + Motion
(Client Work/2023)

Low poly models of hair pins for the brand’s SS23 collection release, along with promotional 2000’s style ident video/reel.

Chavarri SS23 Halo Star Pin Promo*

Editorial Magazine  
(6.5” x 9”/Student Work/2023)

My first big editiorial project using experimental page layout. 30 page fashion magazine with a focus on turn of the century fashion technology. 
A New Heaven And A New Earth*

3D Low Poly Animation
(1:1/Personal Work/2022)

Modeled and animated in Blender, exploring the aesthetics of early 2000s video game design.

Swan Lake*